Drugstore Mascara Showdown!

Hi there! Today I’ll be taking you through five different drugstore cruelty-free mascaras and giving you my thoughts.

Typically I like mascaras that are on the drier side because I think they hold my curl best, if you don’t like this then you might not agree with my opinions. I also prefer volumizing mascaras because I think I have enough length.


Starting off with my LEAST favorite mascara we have the Jordana Best Lash Extreme (Price varies by store but it’s usually around $3).

Now I know this is an extremely popular mascara partially because it’s inexpensive and accessible but I just did not like it. It started off way too wet and by the time it was dry enough to use it the tube was basically all dried up. If you’re a fan of drier mascaras like myself I’d say pass this one up because it is not worth the wait.



Next up is The Skinny Mascara by NYX ($7 at Ulta).

This used to be my holy grail lower lashline mascara but this tube did me so wrong. The tube that I had before this one was perfect from the get go but the packaging on this one gave out on me. I do still like it but I don’t think a specific “skinny” mascara or one that’s made for for the lower lashline is something that’s essential to me.



IMG_8846Honestly these next two should be tied but if I had to pick a best and worst this would be the order.

The next mascara on the list is the Milani Lash Trifecta ($9 on Milani’s website).

The only reason this mascara is lower on this list is because I have to wait for it to dry out a little before it’s at optimal performance level. The wand on this is an interesting curved shape that can really get into your lashes and coat them with product. This is a pretty long lasting mascara too, there is minimal wear and tear by the end of the day.


The next mascara is the Physician’s Formula Organic Wear Jumbo mascara ($10 at Ulta).

Now I like this mascara but I can see why it has mixed reviews. It does a good job to separate my lashes and make them look long and semi-spidery. The only odd this about this mascara (and the reason why it’s not my favorite) is that it never fully dries on my lashes. If I accidentally touch my eye throughout the day I can feel that the mascara is still sticky and while there isn’t much transfer it can be a pain.




Last but certainly not least we have the Essence Get Big Lashes Volume Boost Waterproof Mascara ($4 at Ulta).

I’ve already repurchased this mascara because I like it so much! This mascara gives me the volume I want and it holds the curl in my lashes right from opening the tube. This is a natural bristle wand which I typically steer away from but this mascara just does it for me. Another bonus of the product is that it’s super inexpensive and usually Ulta has some sort of sale going on with drugstore products!


And that’s all folks! I hope you enjoyed this post and it helped you out to decide what mascara would be best for your needs!



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