Wardrobe Transitions

What up kids, today’s Work it Wednesday is brought to you by the weird limbo between summer and fall. Advertisements

Modded Out

Hello lovelies, today I’m taking it back to the Mad Men era for a 1960s, Twiggy inspired, Mod look.

Throwback Tuesday?

What’s up kids, recently acquired a palette and what better way to try something new than to chronicle it online.

Punk Goes Ballerina

What’s up kids, today’s Work it Wednesday is an outfit I’ve been dying to wear all summer. This is perfect for a date, wedding, any kind of dressed up but summery atmosphere and I am in looooove.

This Look is an Absolute Gem

Pardon my pun, but I was feeling rather inspired by Sapphires after swatching some of the gorgeous deep blues in my collection and knew I had to throw a look together, so let’s jump into it.

Everyday Makeup Under $30

Hello friends! Today we’re going to try and complete an entire “everday” makeup look without spending over $30!

French Braid Bun

What’s up dudes and dudettes? Today we’re gonna break down a fancy half-up half-down look!

Try to Embarrass Myself

“Welcome to my twisted mind…” My cringey self from middle school was the worst. So tried to recreate her signature look for this week’s Try it Tuesday.

Drugstore Back To School Detailed Makeup Tutorial!

Hi there sweet pea! Are you going back to school soon? Do you want a semi-quick tutorial that’ll make you look like you actually want to be there? Well you’ve come to the right place! Let’s get to it!

Get you a man that can do both

Hey howdy hey there kids, Punk here with a memetastic tutorial on how to apply makeup for either a “feminine” or “masculine” look.