Favorite Booties for Spring!

Hi there! Today I’l be sharing my top 5 booties for spring with you! I have a nice mix of new and old so hopefully I’ll be able to link some! Advertisements

Rae Does V-Day

Happy Work it Wednesday weirdos, this week I thought I’d give you a look at what I’ll be rocking for V-day this year.

These Boots Were Made for Walking

Happy Work it Wednesday kids, this is a run-down of a super comfy and extremely practical winter outfit that’s been rotating through my wardrobe of let so let’s get to it.

Overalls for Fall Pt. 2

Hi there sweet pea! As I’m sure you all know overalls are all the rage right now. This Work It Wednesday is going to show you how I dress up a distressed pair of denim overalls!

Wardrobe Transitions

What up kids, today’s Work it Wednesday is brought to you by the weird limbo between summer and fall.

Game Day Outfit

Hi there sweet pea! In honor of college football season I thought I’d show y’all a simple and comfy game day outfit.

Punk Goes Ballerina

What’s up kids, today’s Work it Wednesday is an outfit I’ve been dying to wear all summer. This is perfect for a date, wedding, any kind of dressed up but summery atmosphere and I am in looooove.

College Girl Chic Pt. 2

Hi there sweet pea! Today I’ll be modeling my first day of school outfit. While it’s pretty simple I think it shows that you can be both comfortable and cute at school.

Comfy Cozy Travel Outfit~

Hi there sweet pea! In honor of my 6 hour road trip today, I thought I’d share a simple and comfortable travel outfit with y’all~

(Throw)Back to School Outfit

Hi there sweet pea! Since it’s back to school week here on the blog I decided to do a bit of a high school throwback for today’s Work It Wednesday!

Yee-haw y’all!

Hey party people! Today we’re going to indulge the inner Texan in myself and rock some overalls in today’s #workitwednesday .